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Our app makes traveling around Japan more fun – before, during, and even after your trip.

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After having fun at your destination, use Japan Travel Guide to easily discover delicious foods and enjoyable experiences right where you are.

What you can do with this app

Find out right away,
right where you are!

You can easily search for recommended shops and spots near your present location with our app. Search results can also be displayed on a map. Mapping out your route is easy, ensuring you won't get lost en route to your destination.

*GPS function must be turned ON.

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Recommended spots are displayed according to proximity!

Our app displays recommended tourist spots, shopping, food, and drink information curated from data gathered from all over Japan. These spots will be displayed according to their proximity to your present location. Easily find out what you want to know by searching according to area (even "nationwide"), and from categories such as “Eat, Play, and Buy.”

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We also have coupons for even better value and making your trip even more enjoyable!

Our app offers exclusive coupons that can be used at various places around Japan. You can also refine your search to show only shops that accept our coupons, allowing you to quickly obtain information on great offers and discounts.

Connect using any kind of network!

This app can be accessed using your existing network(s) such as 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi.

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The icon will turn green when connected via Wi-Fi.

Easily connect to free Wi-Fi too!

We have partnered with “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi,” a Wi-Fi connection app used by 150,000 establishments (access points) nationwide.
*Installation of the app is necessary.

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You can also create your itinerary within the app!

You can create a schedule by adding spots within the app to your itinerary. You can also enter text freely, allowing you to create memos or add other information such as train times. You can also share your saved itinerary with friends.

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Write reviews of the places you visited!

You can write a review in your own language within the app. You can also simultaneously share your review on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo. You can also read reviews submitted by other users within the app.

*The screen is for illustrative purposes only. Actual display may differ.

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*The screen is for illustrative purposes only.
Actual display may differ.

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